Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Makes Viral Video with Help of YouTube Stars

Jennifer Aniston Makes Viral Video with Help of YouTube Stars

Jennifer Aniston is one spokeswoman who follows through when it comes to shilling her product!

In her newly released video for Smartwater, the 42-year-old actress enlists the help of YouTube stars Keenan Cahill and the "Double Rainbow Guy." And she even gives Chelsea Lately’s Brad Wollack a swift kick where it hurts!

"I can’t just tell you that Smartwater is the smartest, best tasting water that’s out there," she explains. "I have to make a video, apparently, that turns into a virus."

"Viral," one of "three lovely Internet boys" corrects her.

First the former Friends star looks to the starpower of animals to help garner views. She cuddles a bunch of adorable yellow lab puppies and then tries to get a parrot to say "I love Smartwater." (Unfortunately, her feathered friend disappoints her, saying, “Rachel! I love your hair!”)

Next the actress enlists the help of some CGI dancing babies, but becomes concerned when the babies begin "dirty dancing." When she asks, “Where’s the mommy?” she’s answered by the infamously excited "Double Rainbow Guy," erratically praising the beautiful rainbow in the sky.

Then, comedian Brad Wollack tells Aniston, "I’ve been in love with you forever." She strides up to him and gives him a tough kick to the crotch! "Sorry," she quips. "Apparently that’s worth about a hundred thousand hits."

"Well in closing, I would like to say that Smartwater is the purest tasting water there is,”" she says. "What are we gonna call this video?"

"Jen Aniston sex tape?” one of the "Internet boys" suggests.

"I love it," she replies.

Watch for yourself below.



Aniston sure pulled out all the stops in an attempt to make her Smartwater video go viral. All she’s missing is a cameo from Justin Bieber!


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